About Us

As one of the leading corporations in the sector, MAMAMIA, has always been the address of trust and provide services in 81 provinces of Turkey and many other countries.

MAMAMIA that has many references in the stretch ceiling sector, always aims %100 customer satisfaction while achieves a great number of innovations.

Expanding its specialties, MAMAMIA, begins the production and sales of the Environmental Smelling Up Systems, which is an outcome of a very comprehensive work. Obtained global patents and created a brand new product line applying International Standards.

During more than 1000 projects we carried out so far, our priority, as MAMAMIA, has always been to deserve our customers’ money.

We work for you with our subsidiaries and constructers across the globe.

Our Mission

  • To put our signature to healthy and reliable products with the respect of the human life and nature.
  • To offer products in the widest product range to the customers who demands quality solutions.
  • To reach the sector leader position with a solution-oriented approach in the customer relations.

Our Vision

Our company, following closely the newest technological developments, will always keep improving on product quality and the staff education while meet the customer expectations on designing and manufacturing.

Quality Policy

MAMAMIA aims to meet the customer expectations and needs at its best. For this purpose, all the MAMAMIA family adopts the following principles:

  • To satisfy the customers and earn their trust.
  • To respect the nature and human life in designing and manufacturing.
  • To follow closely the technological developments and ensure the products meet the International Standards.
  • To educate the staff, give them a team spirit and a good working environment.
  • To share the information and experience to the suppliers and develop efficient cooperations.
  • To achieve consistent progression and improvement in every single work.

MAMAMIA, regards the Quality Management System as an opportunity to improve the life standard and is proud to be full responsive to the customer demands.

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